PICC Assist is your after-hours vascular access specialist! Services are available in San Jose and nearby areas of the South Bay. We are available after 5 PM, 7 days a week. Daytime appointments are available weekends only. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have specific scheduling needs. Thank you!

Business Hours

Weekdays: After 5:00 PM
Weekends: Day and Evening Shifts

We Offer

  • PICC placement using real-time ultrasound guidance, modified Seldinger technique, tip navigation system and ECG-guidance for tip confirmation
  • Midline catheter insertion using real-time ultrasound guidance and modified Seldinger technique (MST)
  • Short peripheral catheter using ultrasound-guidance, also known as ultrasound-guided peripheral IV (USGPIV)
  • PICC/midline (non-tunneled catheter) removal
  • Central line/PICC/midline dressing change
  • Provide staff support and answer vascular access questions
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